Tables in Metadata Forms

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Metadata fields in yuuvis® RAD can contain tables, the appearance of which you can customize and the contents of which you can edit. You can also search by the content in these tables.

Customizing Tables

The following customization options and functions are available for tables in metadata forms:

Editing Tables

If you click a table row, the Full table view icon 'Open table' icon, or the  +  'Insert new row' icon, the table will open in a new form in full view to make editing easier.

Depending on the configuration of your object type, you have the option to have the content preview shown in the editing form. To do this, first click in a line in the editing form, and then click the Show content icon Show content icon in the editing form’s header. Click the Hide content icon Hide content icon in the header to hide the content preview.

When you close the editing form, the content preview’s status (shown or hidden) and the position of the separator bars in the editing form are saved.

The editing options available in a table are described below:

Saving Table Changes

Please note: To finish editing the table, click the Remove icon in the top right of the table editing form. This closes the editing form and your changes are applied to the table in the Metadata aspect area. Finally, click the Save button in the Metadata aspect area, otherwise the changes to the table will not be saved.