yuuvis® RAD repository-manager

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yuuvis® RAD repository-manager establishes the connection between SAP and the yuuvis® RAD system and organizes and manages storage and retrieval of documents in both yuuvis® RAD and SAP.

Data Model in yuuvis® RAD

The data model in yuuvis® RAD, to which the SAP objects are mapped, consists of the 'SAP Repository' object type group that contains the 'SAP Component' and 'SAP ILM Object' object types.

The technical user must have full object type rights to these objects. The technical user is the 'root' user by default, but this setting can be changed. Users who want to access the data in yuuvis® RAD client must be created as users in yuuvis® RAD and also require corresponding object type rights.

Assignment of SAP Structures to yuuvis® RAD

It is necessary to map SAP structures in the schema as part of yuuvis® RAD repository-manager's task to map SAP structures in yuuvis® RAD.

yuuvis® RAD object

SAP object






The object types are part of the 'RMTypes' schema, which is provided via yuuvis® RAD designer as part of the active schema.

The schema also contains the 'SAP-Repository-All' role, which can be used for user management.

The 'SAP-ILM-Object' document type is only managed by SAP. Displaying in yuuvis® RAD is not relevant because these are not stored in a readable format.