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You can create counters in the Counters area of the schema of a project file. Counters have a start value in addition to a technical name. The start value cannot be changed. The first assigned counter value is the start value plus 1.

Counters can be assigned to fields of the Integer (long) type via the property Standard.

The value of a counter is incremented by '1' each time before creating a new object, even if the process is canceled.

The value of a counter is not entered in yuuvis® RAD client until after an object has been filed. Values entered by users are overwritten. Counters on forms should therefore be assigned the read-only property.

Counters as Text Fields

Counters can also be assigned to fields of the type String. Further characters can be added by configuration, script, and in yuuvis® RAD client, and they can also be used as field references:

  1. Create a field of the type String.
  2. Select a custom string from the list for the Default property.
  3. Enter a counter as a value: {counter:technicalnamecounter}
  4. Save the project.

Numbers of counters can also be formatted.

Example: {counter:technischernamezaehler,number,#}

Return value as counter reading without thousands separator.