Designing Forms

yuuvis® RAD designer 10.x »

After you have created a form, you can arrange the form fields using drag and drop to design groups and compositions.

Designing Forms in enaio

  • Use the groups property area or the Localization view area to assign multilingual labels for new groups and compositions.
  • Use the Del key on your keyboard, the delete button, or the context menu in the title bar to delete unwanted compositions, groups, and fields from the form.
  • Like fields, groups and compositions can be dragged and dropped within a form or copied to another form.
  • You can view a script editor that lets you create scripts for forms via the title bar of the situation work area.

By default, form layouts are organized into a main area for the most important metadata and an extended area for grouped metadata. This layout structure is optional. All areas and groups can be zoomed into or out of via the leading arrow icon or the context menu for the view.