Activating Licenses

yuuvis® RAD 10.x »

You will receive license files for yuuvis® RAD from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS by e-mail or via the license service.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS requires the active license file in order to process license requests.

Load the active license file from yuuvis® RAD monitor using the following call: http://<host-gateway>rest-ws/index.html?continue#PAGE:monitor/license

  • Click Download active license to download the license file.

You can request a license file before updating yuuvis® RAD from version 9.x to version 10.x. You will need to specify the cluster ID for the license file.
You can find the cluster ID in yuuvis® RAD monitor using the following call: http://<host-gateway>/rest-ws/#PAGE:monitor/systeminfo

Automatic Activation by yuuvis® RAD core-service

yuuvis® RAD core-service checks at startup whether a license file with the name license.json is found in the \<core-service>\standalone\configuration\ directory. If this is the case, the license file is validated and activated if validation is successful.

In particular, assignment to the yuuvis® RAD installation is checked during validation. The system also checks whether the number of named licenses that have already been assigned is greater than the number of named users in the license file.

If activation is successful, the license file is transferred to the \<core-service>\standalone\backups\ directory.

Staging and Activating a License File

A license file is staged and activated in yuuvis® RAD monitor using the following call: <host-gateway>rest-ws/index.html?continue#PAGE:monitor/license

The properties of the current license are displayed.

  • A license file is selected in the Stage a new license area and provided via Stage license.

    The staged license file is displayed next to the current license for purposes of comparison. Any differences are highlighted in color.

  • The staged license is activated via Activate staged license.

The license is validated prior to activation. You will be notified accordingly if validation fails.

If the license service has been set up, a new license can be obtained via Check for new license.