System Status: yuuvis® RAD monitor

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yuuvis® RAD monitor is a component of REST WebServices and provides access to the current system status and running processes.

It is called via the following URL:


yuuvis® RAD monitor displays system information, running operations, statistics, running/previous calls, and the behavior of the session handling.

Data that refers to critical system states is labeled in the individual areas and you are given information regarding causes and troubleshooting.

Snapshot of Current System Status

A snapshot of the current system status can be created in the 'Monitor' area and downloaded as a ZIP file. This data is particularly helpful for the support team in order for them to analyze and optimize a system.

Configuration of Loggers for Categories

The logging level for the individual categories can be viewed and modified under Monitor > Logging. Changes are applied immediately. Detailed configurations are possible in the WildFly administration console, which is part of yuuvis® RAD core-service.