Login Form

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The design of the login form login.html for yuuvis® RAD can be customized.

To customize the login form, follow these steps

  1. Create the <service-manager-data>\servicemanager\webresource\gateway\ directory.
  2. Create a copy of the gateway-app.jar file from the <service-manager-data>\servicemanager\apps\gateway\ directory.
  3. Change the extension of the copied file to zip.
  4. Copy the static and templates directories from the directory structure \BOOT-INF\classes\ of the zip file into the created directory <service-manager-data>\servicemanager\webresource\gateway\.
  5. Add the following lines to the gateway-prod.yml configuration file from the <service-manager-data>\servicemanager\config\ directory:
  6. spring.thymeleaf.cache: false
    spring.thymeleaf.prefix: 'file:/<service-manager-data>/servicemanager/data/webresource/gateway/templates/'
    spring.web.resources.static-locations: 'file:/<service-manager-data>/servicemanager/data/webresource/gateway/static/'
  7. Restart yuuvis® RAD gateway.
  8. Edit the login.html file from the \templates\ directory.

    You can also edit the files loggedout.html and error.html.

  9. If necessary, edit the integrated style sheets from the \static\res\ directory.

The changes to the files and the style sheets are displayed when accessed without restarting yuuvis® RAD gateway.