Process Notifications with Placeholders

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In the process models for work items in yuuvis® RAD designer, you can specify when the process participants should be notified by e-mail.

As well as standard text entries, placeholders can also be entered in the properties of the 'Subject' and 'Message' fields for e-mail notifications. The server then replaces the placeholders with the corresponding values when sending the notification.

Placeholders are always entered in curly brackets { }. To reference process variables, type {var:<variable name>}. All the variables of a process model can be used as placeholders.

Example: {var:firstname}

Parameters Usage

Examples of values supplied

{projectname} Enter the name of the project folder in which the process model is saved.


{modelname} Enter the name of the process model.


{processname} Enter the name of the process instance.

"taskflow_v.3.1 1221"

{activityname} Enter the name of the activity.



Adds a link to open a task in yuuvis® RAD client.

<a href:"
123">Open in Client</a>

The message text of a notification written in HTML format can also be predefined.

<p>You have a new task in your inbox.</p>