enaio® coLab

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enaio® coLab is an extension for enaio® client. It enables enaio® users to cooperate digitally with external partners.

For this purpose, project rooms to which documents and folders from enaio® can be linked are created using enaio® coLab. You and your external partners can use a browser to access the linked enaio® documents in project rooms and download them for editing and sharing, and then upload them again. New documents can also be uploaded to the project rooms and stored in the enaio® filing system.

The current documents are always available in the project room thanks to reference links. It is also possible to link documents to tasks and assign them to one or more people involved in the project in the context of project work.

enaio® coLab project rooms are created in enaio® client. enaio® users with the corresponding rights can create any number of project rooms. In addition, enaio® coLab project members can work on any number of projects. The project room owner controls access to the enaio® coLab project rooms via a user administration system.