enaio® webclient

Valid for: enaio® version 9.10

enaio® webclient is installed using a setup. The required runtime environment (JDK and application server) is automatically installed by the setup. An unlimited number of enaio® webclient applications can be installed on the application server and they are configured by the administrator during installation.

The setup file oswebclient_setup.exe can be found under \Win32\Disk1\OSWEB in the installation data. Setup is used to install enaio® webclient and update an existing installation.

Installation Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to install and operate enaio® webclient:

  • enaio® server is installed and launched.
  • The WEB license is registered with enaio® server.
  • The 'license' service is installed. The service manages the WEB license.
  • A technical user for enaio® webclient was set up with enaio® administrator.

    The technical user is used to log in to the administration console and to manage access rights to enaio® objects.

  • The enaio® gateway core service is installed and launched, and configured for logging in toenaio® webclient.

  • The enaio® appconnector core service is installed and started.

Installation Process

Provided that the installation requirements are fulfilled, all you need to do is run the setup in order to install one or multiple enaio® webclient applications. The connection to the enaio® system and the technical user are specified during the installation process, which means that you can proceed directly with the configuration after installation is complete.