Moving Objects

enaio® webclient 11.0 »

In enaio® you can move documents and registers within the same cabinet. The content and index data of the object will remain the same, only the location changes. To move a register and document, you will need to go to the filing location of the object you want to move.

Folders cannot be moved because folders can only be created in the top layer within the enaio® filing system.

To move documents or registers, follow these steps:

  1. Open a location.

  2. Select a document or register.

  3. Open the context menu.

  4. Click or tap on the Cut icon Cut icon in the context menu.

  5. Open a different folder or register.

  6. At the new filing location, right-click, or press and hold in enaio® mobile, in the empty space in the content area and open the context menu.

    Alternatively, you can also select a folder or register in the register tree of the new location and then open the context menu by right-clicking or pressing and holding the entry in enaio® mobile.

    The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile on a smartphone:

    On smartphones, the navigation and content areas are not placed next to each other due to space constraints. You can switch to the navigation area by tapping the Register tree icon Register tree icon in the title bar of the filing location. Tap the Arrow icon Arrow icon to return to the content area.

  7. Click or tap on the Insert icon Insert icon in the context menu.

The document or register is moved to the new location.