Scanning Files for Viruses

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Depending on the configuration of your enaio® coLab system, files can be scanned for viruses when they are loaded from the local file system into an coLab project room. Your coLab administrator decides which antivirus program to use.

The scan is performed both when adding new objects and when replacing existing objects. Scanning files for viruses can be done in two different ways:

  • Blocking

    The user cannot continue working while the virus scan is running. The user must wait for the result of the virus scan before doing anything else in enaio® coLab.

  • Non-blocking

    The user can continue working on other tasks in enaio® coLab while the virus scan is running. Scanning the file to be uploaded for viruses is done in the background.

Your administrator decides which type of virus scan to use.

If an antivirus program has been integrated into your enaio® coLab system, then a Upload status icon Upload status icon is displayed in the enaio® coLab header in the files view. Open the upload status window by clicking the icon. The upload status window lists all current and completed uploads. The first column of the list provides information on whether a file was uploaded successfully (Upload status (green) – icon = no virus found, file uploaded) or unsuccessfully (Upload status (red) – icon = virus found, file not uploaded), or whether problems occurred during upload or while scanning for viruses (Upload status (yellow) – icon = problems during upload or while scanning for viruses, file not uploaded). A Virus scan – icon icon is displayed during a non-blocking virus scan.

You can find information about the status message type in the Status description column. The status descriptions can be customized by your administrator in accordance with the specific system and therefore differ from system to system. Next to this, in the upload status list, you can find the file names of the files that were scanned, the date of the scan, and a link to the corresponding file (Go to file icon 'Go to file') in the coLab project room if the scan and upload were successful.

If a file is infected or causes problems when being scanned or uploaded, then that file will not be imported into the coLab project room. Please contact your administrator if you have any questions.

The entries in the upload status list can be deleted. To do this, click the Remove icon Remove icon in the last column of the entry you want to delete. A deleted entry cannot be restored.