Logging in to enaio® coLab

enaio® coLab 11.0 »

You have a enaio® coLab user profile and a corresponding link that you can use to access enaio® coLab in your browser.

If you enter the login link for the enaio® coLab project room in your browser, you will be taken to the login page for enaio® coLab. Here you have the following options to log in to enaio® coLab:

  • Login for enaio® users

    enaio® users can log in using their enaio® user name and enaio® password.

  • Login for external users

    External users have the option of logging in using the data from their social media accounts or using one of their existing e-mail addresses, provided they have already been registered with enaio® coLab using these login data (see Starting enaio® coLab). The following options for logging in to enaio® coLab are available to external users:

    • Google

    • LinkedIn

    • Microsoft

    • E-mail

    When logging in to enaio® coLab, enter the e-mail address registered with your corresponding social media account and the associated social media account password and follow the instructions for the login process. The project overview page for enaio® coLab is shown for you when you have successfully logged in.

    No e-mail address is stored in enaio® coLab when registering via social media accounts such as Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. For this reason, notifications such as those regarding assigned tasks are not possible.

    enaio® coLab also supports logins using NTLM. The registration and login process may differ from the documentation depending on the configuration of your enaio® system and the integration of enaio® coLab. Please contact your administrator if you have any questions.