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You can assign one or more follow-ups to objects (for example, documents, portfolios, registers, and folders) in enaio®. The corresponding object is then resubmitted to you or other users at the specified time in the Follow-up inbox.

You can set up follow-ups for yourself, for other users, or for user groups.

Follow-ups are managed in the inboxes. When a follow-up is due, the Clock icon Clock icon will appear on the status bar and the register of the corresponding inbox will be highlighted.

Inboxes are managed via ENAIO ribbon tab > Settings.

enaio® client – Settings

Follow-ups can be displayed in a separate inbox. If you do not select this option, they will be shown together with work items in the My incoming messages inbox.

Substitutes can be set up for follow-ups and work items.

Setting up Follow-Ups

You can set up a follow-up for documents, portfolios, registers, and folders.

All objects that you submit to yourself or that other users submit to you are displayed 15 minutes before the follow-up time in the Follow-up inbox.

Self-addressed follow-ups can be seen in the properties of the relevant subscribed object. To do so, open the properties and click Follow-ups. Follow-ups to other users are not shown.

Follow-ups – Properties

You can use this dialog to add, edit, and delete follow-ups.

Users with the Client: Manage follow-ups system role can display and edit follow-ups which have been set up for the object by other users.

If there are several follow-ups for an object for one and the same point in time, then after labeling a follow-up notification as 'processed' or deleting it, all follow-up notifications of this object with the same point in time are removed from the inbox. This applies both to the 'processed' label or deleting via the options in the inbox toolbar and to deleting via the properties menu.

Managing Follow-Ups

If you have been assigned the Client: Manage follow-ups system role, you will see a user list and the Reassign follow-ups to another user button on the toolbar. Access rights and system roles are assigned by your administrator.

Follow-ups – User field

You can open the follow-up area of another user via the list as well as edit the data and objects shown there. Use the Assign follow-up icon 'Assign follow-up' button to assign all follow-ups in the currently shown follow-up area to a different user. If you select the Show all checkbox in the object properties found in the Follow-up area, all follow-ups for this object will be shown.

Follow-ups – Properties

If a user is configured as the substitute for an absent user, they can also use the user list to open and edit the follow-ups of the absent user for whom they are standing in. The substitutes' inboxes must be refreshed manually by pressing F5.