SQL Queries

enaio® client 11.0 »

SQL queries are searches which allow you to access data, regardless of what access rights you have or the filing system of enaio®. This can be made available by an administrator. SQL queries are found in the object search. These are marked with a SQL queries icon SQL queries icon.

Like other queries, you execute SQL queries by double-clicking them. You can choose whether the results of the query should be an SQL hit list or a list of DMS objects. DMS objects can then be used and edited in the same way you would use and edit hit lists.

Depending on the configuration of the SQL query, an SQL hit list can be linked to scripts. You can run the scripts by double-clicking the matching hit. The administrator can provide information on the functions of the scripts.

As an SQL command, only statements in the select id from object1 or select o.id from object 1 o format are allowed. The queries may contain variables which are queried via a dialog. The variables can be set as defaults.

SQL queries can be sent to e-mail recipients by selecting the matching entry in the context menu of the object search. If an SQL query is open on a tab, you can also send it by selecting the matching entry in the context menu of the tab.

enaio® client users can double-click the e-mail attachment to import it into the object search area.

The Save personal settings system role is required to delete SQL queries.