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You can add notes to documents, registers, and folders. Notes can be edited later and also deleted again. Note authors can be notified by e-mail.

To view, create, and edit notes, users require the system roles Open notes and Edit notes.

In object lists (e.g., in a hit list, at a filing location, in the favorites area), objects with notes are indicated in the 'Text notes' static column with a Note icon Note icon. If you hover the cursor over the icon, a tooltip will show you the number of notes.

Please note that the 'Text notes' static column may be hidden. You can find information on how to show and hide static columns in the 'Fields' area settings.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Notes

You create notes in the details preview of a marked object. The details preview shows the creator of the note and the creation date. The notes can be highlighted in different colors.

Once created, notes can be edited and also deleted by all authorized users. In the details preview, you can notify the author of a note via e-mail.

Searching via Notes

You can run a search via notes. The search will include all notes and links which are shown in the content area of the folder window or in the link area.

Click the Menu ribbon Hit Cancel search icon Cancel search button in the ribbon to once again show all objects in the content area or link area after having run a search.

An incremental search against hit lists is not possible. The enaio® client settings for placeholders (see 'Auto' area ) are not used here.