Customizing the Navigation

enaio® client 11.0 »

The Navigation is your personal workspace. The navigation provides you with quick access to full-text and portfolio queries as well as to queries with variables.

You can also place links to object references, saved searches, search forms, and links to external applications on the navigation area, as well as group them. Double-click an entry on the navigation area to start searches, object references, and external applications.

Groups in the Navigation

If you want to manage object references, saved searches, search forms, or links to external applications via the navigation area, you will have to first create a group.

Groups, like queries, can be removed from the navigation area using the context menu.

Object References

All objects that are shown in the object search and all objects in a hit list or folder window can be dragged onto the content area of a group in the navigation in order to create an object reference. You can also drag objects from hit lists or folder windows into the content area of a group in the object search and create object references there.

Queries in the Navigation

The navigation area provides quick access to queries with variables, full-text queries, and portfolio queries. The forms for these queries are not opened in a new window on the desktop; rather, they can be shown and hidden in the navigation area.