Forwarding Work Items

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Once you have completed all individual steps belonging to a work item, forward the work item.

The forwarding function is available at the following points:

  • If a work item is marked in a workflow inbox

    • On the Work item ribbon tab > Work item > Menu ribbon Work item Forward icon Forward

    • In the context menu

  • If a workflow form is open

    • Via the Forward button on the workflow form

    • On the Work item ribbon tab > Control > Menu ribbon Work item Forward icon Forward

Forwarding will save the data and forward it to the next work item. The workflow model defines which users can carry out the next work item. If you can carry out the following work item yourself, the workflow can be configured to continue to the next step immediately, in which case the following workflow form opens right away. You may be required to confirm that you want to forward the work item by entering your password.

On the workflow form, you can use the workflow recipient add-on to specify other users and roles that can execute a subsequent work item.

Canceling and Resetting Work Items

Clicking the Close button on the workflow form cancels a work item. You can decide whether you want the changes to be saved or not. When you close the work item, it remains personalized and can only be accessed by you. If you register as absent, however, other users can still execute the process step.

Select Menu ribbon Work item Reset icon Reset on the Work item ribbon tab > Fields to discard all changes that you have made in the fields of the workflow form. The workflow form remains open after it has been reset.

If not all of the individual work items for the work item have been completed, you will receive an error message containing information about the work items which remain to be done.

Work items can also be forwarded directly from an inbox with the context menu, i.e., without having edited them. Multiple work items can then be selected and forwarded.

If a work item is linked to a deadline and the deadline is exceeded without the work item having been processed, then the work item is automatically forwarded according to the workflow model.

In ad-hoc activities (circulation slips), automatic forwarding (escalation) only works for polls (e.g., surveys).