Changing the Index Data of Folders

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You change the index data of a folder in the index data form associated with the folder. Open the index data form of a folder via the hit list of a folder search or via the navigation area of a folder window.

The administrator can specify that the index data of folders or individual fields cannot be edited.

If another user changes the index data after you opened the index data form, a corresponding message will be shown. You will need to reopen the index data form if you want to make changes.

Functions in the Index Data Form

An index data form may contain various functions that make it easier for you to edit index data:

Changing Index Data of Multiple Folders Simultaneously

To make changes in batch mode, you will need the Client: Execute changes in batch mode system role.

You can edit the index data of multiple folders simultaneously. If you select the folder and open the index data, an empty data sheet is displayed. The index data will be displayed for fields that have identical indexing.

For batch changes, please note the following:

  • Fields that you do not edit will not be changed. If you enter values in a field, the index data of all folders will be overwritten with these values.

  • If you enter values beginning with a + in the fields, the new values will be appended. Values with a leading & are placed before the existing index data. The index data will be deleted if you enter a -.

  • If you enter a value beginning with a + or &, the value will only be appended to non-empty fields.

  • When editing the index data of multiple folders at one time, mandatory fields, key fields, and read-only attributes will be ignored.

  • Data in tables cannot be modified. Add-ons will also not be run.