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Discontinuation enaio® mediamanagement

With the release of enaio® version 11.0, the enaio® mediamanagement solution consisting of the components enaio® mediamanagement-import, enaio® mediamanagement-export, and enaio® mediamanagement-catalog will be discontinued and removed from the setup. Therefore, maintenance, further development, and sales via OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Berlin will be discontinued. See also  Product Lifecycle Information enaio® version 10.10.

enaio® mediamanagement-import Will Continue to Undergo Maintenance

Since some customers still actively use the enaio® mediamanagement-import component, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Konstanz will take over maintenance for this module. Customers who have purchased enaio® mediamanagement-import can continue to use the module. For technical reasons, the module has been slightly adjusted. Due to this adjustment, only the EXIF data of the common image formats are read. Medical formats, such as DICOM, can indeed still be imported, but the EXIF data is no longer read.

Update Notes

Since the enaio® mediamanagement solution will no longer integrated in the enaio® setup as of enaio® version 11.0, it will be uninstalled when updating from older versions. A separate setup is provided for installing the enaio® mediamanagement-import. This can be done after updating enaio®. It is recommended to save the configuration file of the enaio® mediamanagement-import before the update in order to be able to use the existing configuration after the update.