enaio® GroupWise Add-On NG

enaio® 11.0 »

The enaio® GroupWise Add-On NG has been extended by the following functions, which are supported by both enaio® client and enaio® webclient as a desktop application.

Filing an Appointment in enaio®

Users of enaio® GroupWise Add-On NG can now file appointment objects from GroupWise in enaio® in addition to e-mails and their attachments. The appointments are filed in eml file format in enaio®. Double-clicking or tapping the eml object in enaio® displays the appointment in the GroupWise calendar.

Opening the Location of Filed Appointments

If a user has filed an appointment in enaio® using enaio® GroupWise Add-On NG, they can view the location of that appointment object via a new function in the add-on.

Starting a Workflow from a Selected Appointment

With the release of enaio®11.0, it is now possible to start workflows directly from GroupWise. To do this, users must select an appointment in GroupWise and can then start the workflow using the new add-on function.