DMS Service

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You will find information about the latest service releases of the DMS service here.


Services are installed via the os_service-manager_setup.exe file in the \Backend\Service-Manager directory.

Service updates take place via enaio_services_versionfix.exe in the \Backend\Service-Manager-Update directory.

DMS service 6.3.1

In addition to bug fixes, the service release contains the following new features:

Search Options

In SELECT queries, the IncludeNullValues option can be used to exclude objects without a value in the requested field. By default, these objects are included in the hit list.

System Field system:objectTypeId

Requests via system:objectTypeId also return the internal name in addition to the value. The internal name is specified as localName.


"system:objectTypeId": {
    "value": "262284",
    "localName": "media"

DMS Service 6.2

The service release contains new endpoints, in addition to bug fixes.

Loading Object Definitions

[GET] /native: The endpoint supports the 'If-None-Match’ header, which is used to check whether the client already has the latest object definition and therefore does not need to be reloaded.

Deleting Document Versions

[DELETE] /versionNumber}: The endpoint enables the deletion of a document version based on the version number. Index data versions cannot be deleted.

Retrieving Document Versions

[GET] /contents/file: The endpoint enables the document version to be retrieved based on the version number. Several image files are transferred as a *.zip archive for image document types.

Restoring Previous Versions

[POST] /actions/restore: The endpoint enables a specific document or index data version to be restored.

DMS Service 6.1

The service release contains a new endpoint, in addition to bug fixes.

Searching for Versions

The index data history or document history can be activated for object types in enaio® editor.

You can search this data for objects.

[GET] /versions: The endpoint provides parameters for requesting individual versions and restricting requests to the index data history or the document history. The index data of the current version can be included in the search.