enaio® – System Sizing

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In addition to the question of system requirements, there is another important question you need you ask yourself when planning to roll out or update a complete enaio® system: What are the hardware and software requirements for the type of implementation you plan to ensure the system works properly? On the pages to follow, we will focus primarily on providing system integrators, consultants, administrators, and technical support staff with a guide that will support them in the planning phase and help them to more effectively assess and answer the central question of system sizing.

The general definition of sizing we use is as follow: the sizing of an entire enaio® system including all related components, taking into account other aspects that must be factored in. The goal at all times should be to provide a rationale for why the hardware and software to be provided are needed.

The specifications on system sizing described on the pages to follow are based on experience. They can be used as the basis for sizing a customer system. To make a detailed statement about your system, information on the user and quantity structure as well as deployment scenarios will be required, among other things. Please contact your customer representative at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS for more information. We look forward to seeing you at one of our sizing and scaling workshops.