Model Components

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Using the model explorer you can manage models in projects and families.

Models are edited in the model explorer, forms in the form designer.

Models consist of the following components:

  • Properties
  • Persons or roles that can start a model's process or object types that can be assigned to the model are managed in the model properties.

  • Forms
  • Use the dialog elements of forms to assign values to variables.

  • Variables
  • Variables are assigned to values using scripts and dialog elements.

  • Applications
  • You assign applications to forms and the dialog elements to forms as application parameters.

  • Activities
  • A workflow consists of a sequence of activities. Participants and an application are assigned to an activity.

  • Transitions
  • Transitions are connections between activities. Transitions may depend on conditions.

  • Dunning and Retention Periods
  • Dunning periods are used to define in which time period an activity or sequences of activities are to be executed.

    Retention periods are used to specify that activities or sequences of activities cannot be completed before the end of a certain time period.

  • Events
  • Events are scripts which are executed while a workflow is being processed.