Form Designer

enaio® 11.0 »

You can create forms in the Forms tab of the model editor. Forms are edited in the form designer. Double-click a form or use the Edit button to open the form designer.

Workflow forms have a maximum height of 750 form units and a maximum width of 1,000 form units. They will be displayed with a minimum height of 50 form units and a minimum width of 220 form units.

The form designer consists of two areas:

  • Properties window
  • Enter the properties of the form and the properties of each dialog element.

  • Form area
  • Create dialog elements and edit the visual properties of the dialog elements.

The window has a grid. Edit the grid settings using the context menu.

The title bar of the window displays the form name. If you have changed data an '*' is added. Apply changes using the context menu or the button in the default toolbar.

The functions for designing forms are available in the menus or on the following toolbars:

  • the default toolbar.
  • the 'Dialog elements' toolbar, with features for creating dialog elements,
  • the 'Edit' toolbar with common features for editing data. The list contains the last performed actions which can be undone. Actions may consist of multiple editing steps.
  • the 'Layout' toolbar with features for arranging dialog elements.