Specialist Administrators

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Users with the system roles 'Editor: Start' and 'Editor: Define visibility' can set up specialist administrators. Specialist administrators are assigned to cabinets in which they can edit, create, and delete data, customize the database, and reload the engines.

Specialist administrators require the system role 'Editor: Start'. The 'ASE' module must be licensed on the specialist administrator’s workstation.

Specialist administrators who have opened enaio® editor lock access to the object definition. The object definition is only shown to other users in enaio® editor as read-only.

Specialist administrators are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Only the assigned cabinets are shown and can be edited.
  • In the database view, only the tables of the assigned cabinets are shown.
  • Cabinets cannot be deleted.
  • Languages cannot be added or removed.
  • The settings dialogs for enaio® editor are unavailable.
  • Database indexing is unavailable.
  • Validation and the performance assistant only refer to the assigned cabinets.

Specialist administrators have the following rights across cabinets:

  • Reference catalogs: Catalogs in cabinets that are not assigned can be referenced. All catalogs from all cabinets are shown during creation. Changes to the catalog data are allowed and are applied universally.
  • Quickfinder and Query Add-On: Add-ons can be integrated and configured. However, the data that is not needed for the configuration may not be shown.
  • The address add-on and the catalog add-on can be integrated.

As well as specialist administrators, specific administrative work can be enabled via the license management:

  • If the 'AXK' module is licensed at the workstation and a user has the system role 'Editor: Start', then this user can edit all catalogs. You do not have to modify the database fit if you are only editing catalogs.
  • If the 'AXK' module is licensed at the workstation and a user has the system roles 'Editor: Start', 'Editor: Edit object definition', and 'Editor: Customize database', then this user can import an object definition and customize the database. The object definition cannot be changed.

Configuring Specialist Administrators

In enaio® editor, specialist administrators are configured:

  • via opening the configuration dialog File > Configure specialist administration.
  • Select users.
  • All users with the 'Editor: Start' system role are shown.

  • Select the required cabinets.
  • Confirm with OK.
  • The configuration is saved.