Defining enaio® coLab Object Types

enaio® coLab 11.0 »

enaio® coLab is an application for collaborating on enaio® documents and sharing them with external users.

Before you can upload new documents to a shared folder in enaio® coLab, you first need to define a enaio® coLab object type.

Next, configure the access rights for the newly created object types to allow enaio® users to use them in enaio® client.

enaio® coLab periodically checks which enaio® coLab object types are present in enaio®.
The check takes place at 01:01 a.m. daily by default. The time can be changed by an entry in CRON notation in the colab-prod.yml file:
upload-type-service-start-time: "0 1 1 * * ?"

No object types are offered if enaio® server cannot be reached at this time. In this case, restart the 'colab' service via enaio® services-admin.

Configuring the Technical User

Since enaio® coLab uses the technical user to access the DMS, you will need to configure the technical user for enaio® service-manager.

Configure the enaio® coLab technical user in the application-blue.yml file located in the <enaio_installation>\service-manager\config\ directory.

Change the following parameters in the application-blue.yml file:

enaio.dms.username: <enaio_user>
enaio.dms.password: <enaio_pw>

All enaio® servers must be listed here.

enaio® coLab uses its own technical user to access objects in enaio®. For that reason, the access rights of users in enaio® client may differ from their access rights for the same objects in the enaio® coLab portal.