'Search' and 'Index' Services

enaio® 11.0 »

The 'search' and 'index' services are configured in the application-es.yml configuration file found in the \services\service-manager\config\ directory. Configurations in enaio® editor and enaio® enterprise-manager are also required for the configuration of full-text indexing.

If the enaio® database is set to 'collation sensitive,' then the enaio.dms.collation.casesensitive parameter must be set to true for the clause evaluation in the search-prod.yml configuration file from the \services\service-manager\config\ directory.


Elasticsearch IP address


HTTP port of Elasticsearch for microservices communication.

Default: 8041


Comma-separated list of Elasticsearch IP addresses with port.

Example: <host1>:<port1>,<host2>:<port2>

If a list is specified, the 'elasticsearch.host' parameter is ignored.


User name

Default: elastic

elasticsearch.pwd Password

Timeout (in milliseconds) for the connection to Elasticsearch.

Default: 30000

The clause evaluation of the rights system is optimized in version 10.10 to accelerate the search.

Parameter (default):

elasticsearch.optional.improved_or: true
elasticsearch.optional.improved_and: true

If errors occur during clause evaluations, then the switchover can be disabled for error analysis using the false value.

Elasticsearch is preconfigured so that access to enaio® service-manager is only allowed if it is installed on the same computer as Elasticsearch. If this is not the case, then the addresses of all enaio® service-manager where the 'index' and 'search' microservices are integrated need to be entered into the following Elasticsearch configuration file:
.Parameter: security.subnet

Multiple Instances of the 'index' Service

You can activate several instances of the 'index' service via the servicewatcher-sw.yml configuration file located in the enaio® service-manager \config directory. Set the number of instances high in the 'indexservice' section. Example: instances: 2

If the 'index' service is installed on several computers, follow the instructions in 'Distributed services'.