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Batch processing is extensively logged.

Three different logs are created for component logging from the application directory \asindex:

Action Log 'osaction' (osaction.evn),

Error Log 'oserror' (oserror.evn),

Process Log 'osflow' (osflow.evn).

You can open these logs using the log buttons on the START tab.

Logs will be created for each batch. Select a batch to open the respective batch logs. Select a configuration to open the configuration logs.

Batch logs will be filed in the batch directory:

..\ASINDEX\AxIndex.dat\Configuration name\Batch_ID

The configuration logs will be filed in the directory ..\ASINDEX\AxIndex.dat.

You can open these logs in enaio® protocol-viewer using the log buttons.

Action Log 'osaction'

Each entry corresponds to an action. An action, for example, can consist of a document import into enaio®. This action can include further sub-actions such as pasting a data record into the database and reading configuration data. However, these sub-actions will not be logged at this position.

At the end of an action the log entry will be written. Logging does not depend on the success of an action. Example (import): The action log will be created after all data records and images have been imported successfully, even if certain data records and images could not be imported due to invalid indexing. This is not the case if the action could not be processed at all. In such a case no entry will be made in the action log, although the error that occurred will be entered in the error log if possible.

Error Log 'oserror'

When processing an action and especially while initializing a module, errors leading to processing being aborted will be logged here.

Process Log 'osflow'

The process log is similar to the action log, but it contains more detailed information. Some entries are internal debug messages.