SSL Configuration

enaio® repository-manager 11.0 »

Generally, a certificate for data consistency and security must be imported and integrated in enaio® service-manager and the SAP SSL configuration must be modified accordingly to communicate with SAP.

SAP Configuration

  • Call the 'STRUST' transaction.

  • Go to 'SSL Client Standard'.

  • Switch to the Edit mode.

  • Click Import.

  • Provide the certificate.

  • Select 'Add to Certificate List'.

  • Save the configuration.

In addition, the host name of the respective SAP system must be edited so that the host name of the imported certificate is mapped to the IP address of the server for which the certificate was issued.

AL and ILM Connections

As regards AL and ILM connections, the HTTP server inputs must correspond to the hostname of the certificate, not the IP address.

In the 'Logon&Security' section, enable the 'SSL active' option and select the appropriate certificate list into which you previously imported the certificate.

Further information can be found in the SAP documentation.