enaio® jump2s

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enaio® jump2s allows you to jump from a record in enaio® to a business object (business partner, posting document, invoice document, etc.) in SAP.


The basic functionality of enaio® jump2s is encapsulated in its own separate module. The module is an executable file installed in the enaio® client directory.


The installation can only be carried out if enaio® client or enaio® webclient as a desktop application is installed. A 32-bit or 64-bit SAP GUI is also required.

An MSI package for the Microsoft Windows OS (32-bit and 64-bit) is available for installation. enaio® jump2s is automatically installed in the path of enaio® client or enaio® webclient as a desktop application. If both are installed, enaio® jump2s is installed in the path of enaio® client.


Logging can be customized via the installed axJump2S.exe.config configuration file.

By default, logging takes place at the 'Error' level in the path ...\log\log-j2s-<date>.log.

Logging can be deactivated via <level value="Off" />.

License Check

The 'J2S' license is checked at startup. The license is not user-based.

The license must be integrated in enaio® enterprise-manager. It is not managed by the 'license' service.