Configurations of Single-stage Display

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Other configurations are required for single-stage display. In particular, an assignment between the technical cabinet and content repository must be made in the axvbRLinkConfig.exe configuration interface.

The way in which documents are calledenaio® client up in can be specified for each document type in the configuration file oxsaplnk.cfg. The various options for calling the display client and the advantages and disadvantages are to be explained here.




(Must be maintained per repository in the section [Repositories])

Specifies how the file should be displayed:

0    DEFAULT with enaio® client

1 With ShellExecute (linked Windows application shows the document).

2 With a program set through the 'ViewServer' entry.

3 enaio® client ienaio® clients called up through ShellExecute on a temporarily created .os link file (thus no COM communication to ).


Only with ViewMode 2

Name of the program that is started (default: empty)

For example: Viewserver=C:\OSR3Client\sapview.exe


(In the section [Globals])

Only with ViewMode 0

When should the COM object 'optimal-AS.Application' be created (for document display in enaio® client):


1=on initialization

2=if necessary (first use)


Difference between ViewMode 0 and 3:

  • ViewMode = 0

    Call through client COM. When ending enaio® client, the application doesn't end correctly due to the open COM connection and ax.exe remains as a process.

    Advantage: High-performance, enaio® client is always immediately available for many document calls.

    Disadvantage: The existing process may cause problems when shutting down.

  • ViewMode = 3

    Call through a generated '.os object'. A link that opens enaio® client at the right point is then created.

    Advantageenaio® client: is always ended correctly and restarts completely on the next call.

    Disadvantage: Does not perform well for large numbers of calls – For every call, enaio® client must completely restart if it was ended beforehand (running clients are used directly).