Configuration of Document Storage

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Document storage is the storage of documents directly through SAP using the SAP transaction OAWD, where the link with the SAP process is already marked.

The section [DbaseScan] in the oxsaplnk.cfg must also be extended. If this section is not yet available, it must be added. This entry is removed once the axvbRLinkConfig.exe configuration tool is saved again. We recommend backing up the configuration file before creating the other configuration.






1 Single scan mode (enaio® client is opened with scan window)

2 DEFAULT – batch scan mode (with us, no difference to N=1)

-1 Opens file selection dialog (dialog from KGS-DLL dmsautom, no enaio® client required)

-2 Folder as Scanqueue


The 'ImportDirectory' specifies the folder containing the Dbase files.


Same as 'ImportFieldPicture'


The 'ImportFieldPicture' denotes the column of the image file name in the DBF file as the index exports it. They must always have the same name; this is as a precaution but it can be configured.


'0' is always returned for a correct import. If no other record was found, but you need to deliver a return value, you can set the value to '1' by default. Alternatively, the value can be set manually if another return value is required.


Import Procedure

  • Once the function is called, this searches for Dbase files in the ImportDirectory.

  • If no file is found, it returns the 'NoEntryFoundReturn' value.

  • If it finds a file, it takes the next free record and imports it.

  • It is imported through 'ComponentCreate()' with subsequent update on the record so that the barcode can be saved.

  • This record is then deleted – Dbase marks the record with an asterisk (*).

  • In the case of an error, a negative value is returned, and the Dbase file is renamed [Name].db! or [Name].db!### (# = num. value), and the import returns '0'.

  • You only get a message if there is no new DBF file available after the next call.

  • Following successful processing, the Dbase file is renamed [Name].bak.

The ADO Microsoft Jet Engine and the Dbase III OLE DB Provider are used to access the DBF file. This means that the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) should be installed. Scanning also requires the Borland Database Engine, which is installed with some programs (such as SQL Explorer).