enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams

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enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams is supported by enaio® clientExternal link icon, enaio® webclient External link icon, and enaio® webclient as a desktop applicationExternal link icon.

enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams enables enaio® users to post enaio® documents in Microsoft Teams, thus giving Microsoft Teams users access to enaio® documents and their index data. Microsoft Teams users can also edit and replace these documents if the enaio® user permits this when creating an enaio® document.

  • The corresponding enaio® client needs to be configured to work with Microsoft Teams. To do this, the 'msteams-client' and 'msteams-actions' microservices must be integrated into the enaio® system accordingly.

  • You will need a Microsoft Teams account.

  • The enaio® app must be enabled in the relevant teams, chats, and meetings in Microsoft teams.

For detailed information on sharing enaio® documents, please refer to the corresponding client help files. Please contact your administrator if you have any questions.

If you have shared a enaio® document using enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams, the enaio® Microsoft Teams app will offer you various functions, which are briefly introduced below.

Icon Name Comment
MS Teams content preview – View content – Icon View content

Displays the content preview of the preview area. Click this function to switch from the details preview to the content preview.

MS Teams content preview – Download content – Icon Download content

Downloads the enaio® document to your local file system.

MS Teams content preview – Edit content – Icon Edit content

Opens the enaio® document in the application linked to this file type in Windows (for example, Microsoft Word for *.docx files). Changes that you make to the document and save will be transferred to enaio® and saved there as well.

This is only displayed if editing rights have been enabled.

MS Teams content preview – Replace file – Icon Replace file

Replaces the document you have shared in Microsoft Teams. The original document will also be replaced in enaio®. If the document you have shared is a W-Document, a new document version will be created in enaio®.

This is only displayed if editing rights have been enabled.

MS Teams content preview – Remove file – Icon Remove file

The document you have shared will be deleted in Microsoft Teams. The original document in enaio® will not be deleted.

MS Teams content preview – Open in enaio® webclient – Icon Open in enaio® webclient

Launches enaio® webclient and displays the document you have shared in a hit list.

MS Teams content preview – Download OS file – Icon Download OS file

Creates an *.os reference file. Reference files can be integrated into e-mails and Windows applications (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and/or stored in the file system. Clicking a reference file will open the locally installed enaio® application (enaio® client, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, or enaio® mobile; enaio® webclient does not support this function) and display the document.

MS Teams content preview – Show index data – Icon Show index data

Displays the enaio® index data of the document you have shared in the enaio® details preview. Click this function to switch from the content preview to the details preview.

MS Teams content preview – Files – Icon


Closes the preview area and displays the enaio® tab with the list of the enaio® documents you have shared.