The Microsoft Office 365 Dashlet

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Microsoft Office 365 is supported by enaio® clientExternal link icon, enaio® webclient External link icon, and enaio® webclient as a desktop applicationExternal link icon.

enaio® office-365-dashlet allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents directly from within enaio®. The dashlet is integrated directly in the corresponding enaio® client as a window and makes various Microsoft Office functions available to enaio® users there. Consult the respective client help guides for more information on how to open the dashlet and how to edit Microsoft Office documents in the enaio® office-365-dashlet.

The dashlet will offer you different Microsoft functions, depending on whether you have selected a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in enaio® client. You will find a brief description below. You do not need an Microsoft Office 365 account to use these functions, with the exception of 'Edit.' Consult the respective help guides in Microsoft Office 365 if you want to learn more about the functions and how to use them in Microsoft Office 365 External link icon.

enaio® supports file extensions with more than ten characters or with Unicode characters.
Please note that the maximum supported file size depends on a number of a different factors. This includes the file type, the file content, the specific use case, and the client used.