enaio® capture 10.10 »

With enaio® capture, data is captured and filed with a configured process. A configured process, called configuration in enaio® capture, can for example comprise the following steps.

  • Scanning
    Document pages in paper form are scanned.

  • Recognition
    Barcodes or characters on scanned pages are recognized and assigned to indexing fields.

  • Validation
    The assignments of recognized barcodes or characters to indexing fields are checked, corrected, and completed.

  • Splitting and Import
    The pages are merged into documents according to specifications in the configuration. Documents are imported into enaio®.

Configurations may vary considerably. The administrator who has created the configuration can inform you about the details. If you have administrative rights, you can create and change configurations.

Process steps of one configuration can be processed at different workstations.

You as an editor can start a process step as soon as data is available for this process step. The user does not have to make any entries in certain process steps. You only have to start the assigned subprogram. Data will be processed and transferred to the following process step, and the subprogram will be closed.

If image or PDF files were already scanned or there are image files of other applications, a process can start with the import of images (see Importing Images).

enaio® capture can be started in auto-mode (see 'Automatic Mode'). Then, enaio® capture automatically starts subprograms defined as automatic in the configuration once data has been transferred.