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enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams

enaio® version 10.10 allows enaio® webclient users and desktop application of enaio® webclient users to integrate enaio® documents into Microsoft Teams. This enables Microsoft Teams users to access these documents. enaio® users can specify whether Microsoft Teams users can also edit and replace enaio® documents. For more information, see Quick Guide to Using enaio® integration-for-microsoft-teams and enaio® webclient.

Visualizing enaio® coLab Folders and Registers

In enaio® webclient and enaio® webclient as a desktop application, with enaio® version 10.10 folders and registers that are shared for coLab are indicated separately in the link column of hit lists. This makes it easier for enaio® users to share enaio® objects in the enaio® coLab project rooms.

Modal Dialog – Option to Resize Windows

The content of modal dialogs in enaio® webclient can differ greatly. Sometimes the available space in the dialogs limited their usability. For that reason, an option to resize modal dialogs was added. enaio® version 10.10 allows the user change the width of a modal dialog in enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and enaio® mobile. The resized dialog is saved and applied to all modal dialogs in enaio® webclient (not in enaio® mobile). If the window size is smaller than the saved dialog size, then the dialog is reduced accordingly without saving the reduced width.

GUI Changes in enaio® webclient

The names of the preview area in enaio® webclient have been changed. The 'Document preview' is now called Content preview and 'Document details' is now called Details preview. With the renaming, the names of enaio® webclient were adapted to those of enaio® client.

File Extensions > 10 Characters

In enaio® version 10.10, you can use objects with file extensions containing more than ten characters and Unicode characters. Note that Microsoft Windows allows a maximum path length of 260 characters. Also check whether the long-term archive used supports long file extensions or file extensions with Unicode characters.

Keyboard Controls

The options for using enaio® webclient with keyboard commands have been further expanded.