Unicode Installations

enaio® 10.10 »

Unicode installations are only possible as a new installation or as an update of a 9.10/10.0 Unicode installation.

Current Release Warning

Previously, the system requirements recommended the MS ODBC Driver for SQL Server – (64-bit) for the database connection. This driver may cause problems with ADO connections in Unicode installations. This is because of the columns that have an NVARCHAR(MAX) data type, which were introduced in enaio® 10.10. The data in these columns is not read from the respective tables correctly. This means that it is not possible to create queries containing these columns.

The SQL Server ODBC driver must be used for Unicode systems in enaio® 10.10 and later. This is in the system by default after a Windows installation.

We also recommend using the SQL Server ODBC driver for ANSI installations, as the MS ODBC Driver for SQL Server will discontinued as of enaio® 11.0.

enaio® capture

With version 10.10, enaio® capture is available for Unicode installations. Kofax scan components can be integrated into enaio® capture.

Scanning in enaio® client is still only possible via the TWAIN interface.

Signature Modules

Previously, signature modules could not be used. Mentana and Governikus have been updated and are now also available in Unicode installations.