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Visualizing enaio® coLab Folders and Registers

In enaio® version 10.10, as well as in enaio® client, enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and enaio® mobile, folders and registers that are shared for coLab are indicated separately in the register trees in the folder or register views, as well as in the link column in the hit lists. This makes it easier for enaio® users to share enaio® objects in the enaio® coLab project rooms.

Improved Overview Page in enaio® coLab

The overview page of enaio® coLab, the page on which the user is shown all of their relevant project rooms, has been redesigned. The page now also has an additional filter and sorting function. In addition, the owners of the respective project room are now also displayed. This allows project rooms to be filtered by title and owner, as well as sorted by project room name or by 'My projects' (project rooms belonging to the in user who is currently logged in).