System 4 – Requirements

enaio® 10.10 »
  • Imports in use, miscellaneous, REST (drop targets), XML, CSV, volume: ~1,000 pages per day, all are already available as PDFs with text information

  • Master data exports for external systems as CSV or XML

  • enaio® exchange for journaling and 100 users, total of ~2,500 e-mails per day

    • enaio® search in use for the users in question

  • OSR3, one repository to SAP, ~400 pages per day, OCR required.

  • Frequent AD sync for approx. 500 users in 20 or so groups

  • enaio® capture with Kofax and OCR

  • enaio® webclient, 200 users

  • enaio® client, 100 users

  • Full-text searchability, esp. for e-mails (incl. attachments, depth: 2) requested.

  • Office and Outlook integration on client (NG add-ins)

  • Usage: users make extensive use of hit lists, document preview, and searches within them. Hit lists are retrieved either via saved searches (enaio® webclient) or via the full-text search and dynamic searches (enaio® client).