System 3 – Requirements

enaio® 10.10 »
  • Remote work, 90 percent via enaio® webclient. Total of approx. 1,000 users. Small number of power users (~30) via enaio® webclient; these are central

  • System stability, complete Webclient functionality is essential, full text and previews are not essential.

  • Long-term archiving available

  • Inventory: approx. 10 million objects in the system, primarily read-only/PDF /TIFF, tiny number of searchable objects.

  • Central Capture installation, ~600 pages/day

  • In addition: via REST interface from a portal ~1,200 pages/day

    Resulting workflows: ~300 processes per day

  • Complex rights system, approx. 50 object types, but many clauses due to tenant separation and large number of departments.

  • Response times for web users are the primary focus. The focus is on speed and stability.