Interfaces Used

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In addition to the users working in the system, connected interfaces or enaio® components open additional sessions on the application server and therefore are a factor in ensuring you correctly size your system.

Define the interfaces used (yes/no) and the number of each interface (for example, two portals connected via enaio® appconnector).

  • Core services (enaio® appconnector, enaio® documentviewer, enaio® fulltext, enaio® webclient, etc.)

  • Imports and exports (data and document interaction of any type)

  • Server API applications (special project solutions or self-designed interfaces that exchange information directly with the server without relying on the known interfaces)

  • Portals (mostly connected via enaio® appconnector, though they can also be implemented differently)

  • Server-to-server components (MailArchiver, enaio® exchange, SmartFix, OSC, etc.)