enaio® appconnector

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enaio® appconnector is a core service of enaio®.

The core services are default components of enaio® and are required for operating the enaio® platform and the proper functioning of the individual enaio® components.

enaio® appconnector, as a REST (Representation State Transfer) interface, enables resource-oriented, flexible HTTP access to index and document data in enaio®.

enaio® appconnector thus offers several application areas:

  • It can be deployed as the Details Preview for showing index data and other data in enaio® client and other external applications.
  • as a communications component, allowing enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and enaio® mobile structured access to enaio® server.
  • as an interface to mobile applications.

The OSRest API documentation can be found here.

System Requirements

You need the APP license for configuration and administration of enaio® appconnector. The APP license has to be registered in enaio® server.

The system role 'DMS: Supervisor' is required for the configuration.

Installing enaio® appconnector

The enaio® appconnector REST interface is installed and updated as a service via osappconnector_setup.exe located in the directory \Backend\AppConnector\.

The 'Server: Switch job context' system role must be assigned to the technical user whose user account is used to execute enaio® appconnector.

enaio® appconnector requires at least 2 GB of memory by default. The runtime environment (JDK and application server) will also be automatically installed.

The installed runtime environment should be used only for this core service, because the runtime environment is also updated when the core service is updated. If other enaio® components or third-party components are run in the runtime environment, update errors may occur or the other components may no longer function after the update.

The following data must be entered during the installation process:

  • Service name, service display name, and port

  • enaio® server name and port

  • Name and password of the technical user

The service is automatically registered with enaio® server during installation.

The installation of enaio® appconnector is now complete and you can start enaio® appconnector in the services administrative tool.

enaio® appconnector registers its service endpoint with enaio® server during installation, so that it can be read by other components. The service endpoint can be viewed and changed in enaio® enterprise-manager under Server properties > Category: Services > 'Core Service' > Service endpoint.

Updating enaio® appconnector

enaio® appconnector is also updated via osappconnector_setup.exe located in the directory \Backend\AppConnector\.