enaio® GroupWise Add-on NG

enaio® 10.10 »

enaio® GroupWise add-on NG is installed via an MSI package.

The MSI file enaio_groupwise_addon_ng.msi is part of the installation data in the \Frontend directory.

enaio® GroupWise add-on NG requires the 'mailstorage' and 'extraction' services.

enaio® client or enaio® webclient as desktop application must be installed on the workstation; likewise, a GroupWise client must be installed.

MSI installations require administrator rights and should be carried out using an administrator command line when user account control is enabled.

enaio® GroupWise add-on NG can currently only be used with enaio® client or enaio® webclient as desktop application. If both are installed, enaio® GroupWise add-on NG works only with enaio® client.


The 'mailstorage' EMS service must be configured to index the e-mail elements.


The directory C:\User\<username>\AppData\Local\OPTIMAL_SYSTEMS_GmbH\Logs\<add-in>\ is used by default for logging.

Configuration of logging can be changed via the NLog.config file from the specified installation directory.

Users can send logs from error messages in the add-in.


MSI packages are used to update enaio® GroupWise add-on NG. Current MSI packages are provided on a regular basis.


Uninstall enaio® GroupWise add-on NG from the Windows Control Panel.