MSI Packages for Add-ins

enaio® 10.10 »

The following add-ins are installed and updated via MSI packages located in the directory \Frontend\:

  • enaio® Office Add-In NG for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


  • enaio® Outlook Add-In NG


  • enaio® Add-on for GroupWise


  • Outlook Add-In for Drag & Drop



  • enaio® search NG for Outlook


  • enaio® office-utilities
  • enaio® office-utilities can only be used in ANSI installations.


\clients\office is automatically appended to the specified path for enaio® office-utilities.

Add-ins assume that enaio® client is installed on the workstation and that they connect to a running client. If no client is started, an attempt will be made to start enaio® client. Outlook Add-In for Drag & Drop is independent of enaio®. enaio® search NG does not need client installation at the workstation.

MSI installations require administrator rights and should be carried out using an administrator command line when user account control is enabled.