enaio® server

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enaio® server – for both ANSI and Unicode installations – is installed via setup from the directory \Backend\Server\.

enaio® server is always installed for an installation first and must be running and accessible to install the other components, especially the services.

Copy the directory to the installation computer and start the setup:

Select language German/English
Select destination path Default: C:\Program Files\OPTIMAL SYSTEMS\enaio
License files Path to directory with the license files
Select service Address and service name from the license file

Select ODBC data source

The name must not contain any spaces.

Users DB user
Password/verification DB password
Database system Default: general ODBC parser

For Unicode installations only.

Unicode installations require Unicode clients. Ansi and UNICODE installations cannot be mixed, even with multiple servers/server groups.

TCP/IP port Default: 4000
Server group name Enter a name via the Server group button.
Options If a server is already installed, then you have further installation options.
Data directory

You should separate the program and data areas. The data directory contains the etc directory with central configuration files.

You will be prompted as to whether the specified path should be converted to UNC notation. If additional servers are to be added to this server group at a later date, this conversion is necessary. In this case, the directory needs to be approved.

User account
User name/password

The user name and password of the user account under which enaio® server is to be installed.

The user name must be in the format 'DOMAIN\Username.' The domain can also be the computer name. The installation wizard verifies the accuracy of the data entered. After three wrong entries, enaio® server can either be installed with the Windows system account or the installation can be canceled.
Specified users must have either general permissions for service start via Access Entry in their ACL or service start permission via the Security Descriptor of the service. The installation wizard does not check these rights.
Every user whose account is used to register a service in the Windows services administrative tool will automatically receive the corresponding service start rights.
Note that enaio® server cannot be started correctly if incorrect user data is entered. Incorrect entries must be corrected manually in the Windows services administrative tool after the installation.

This data is used to complete the installation.


Patches are available in the directory \Backend\Server\ to update enaio® server.