enaio® printer

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Printer drivers can be installed during the enaio® installation. Users can use these drivers to transfer files to enaio® as PDF or image documents from any application with a print function.

The enaio® black-and-white printer prints in black and white in TIF G4 or PDF format, the enaio® color printer prints in color in JPEG or PDF format, and the enaio® PDF printer prints text-based PDFs.

The enaio® PDF printer requires a PostScript PDF component, such as Ghostscript, to be installed on the computer on which enaio® documentviewer is installed.

The printer drivers can be installed with an MSI package located in the directory \Frontend\Printers. All printers are installed by default.

MSI installation parameters:

INSTALLDIR <path> Installation directory
INSTALL_PRINTERS=1 Install color printers and black-and-white printers
INSTALL_PRINTERS=2 Install PDF printers

Install color printers, black-and-white printers, and PDF printers


/log <path> Path and name for an MSI log file

Updating via the MSI package removes the previous versions of the printers and installs the new versions. For this reason, the printer configurations are not transferred.

During an update or uninstallation of the printer drivers, the Microsoft Restart Manager must be disabled so that it does not close the print queue. Regardless of whether the print queue is full or empty, the enaio® printer drivers cannot otherwise be uninstalled. The Microsoft Restart Manager can be disabled via the registry.