Managing Object Definitions

enaio® editor 10.10 »

enaio® editor manages active object definitions. The database has to be updated with the active object definition so that users can create and search for folders, registers, and documents.

Additionally, object definition files can be edited. From the object definition files, individual object definitions can be imported for the active object definition. Also, object definition files can be imported, so that active object definitions can be replaced by object definitions from the object definition file.

Object definition files are administered in the XML format. The data for Structure Tree are managed in their own files which you can name as you choose. These files must be available if you manage object definitions with structure trees in file form.

Each object definition is 'active'; this means that it can be saved by pressing the Save button on the default toolbar or clicking Save object definition in the File menu.

The object definition which was last edited is always 'Active'. The active object definition is displayed on the default toolbar.