Object Definitions in enaio®

enaio® editor 10.10 »

Object definitions of folder, register, and document types for enaio® are managed in the database.

By default, enaio® editor opens the current object definition, if available, when launched.

You can also start enaio® editor without a preset object definition and then create a new object definition. Here you can import object definitions that are in file form, open them, or just import parts and add them to the active object definitions.

With enaio® editor you can also create and manage object definitions in files.

When you edit the active object definitions you will typically have to make changes to the database using enaio® editor afterwards. If you create new folder, register, or document types they are only available to the users after the database has been updated, enaio® server restarted, or the engines reloaded; users require specific access rights in enaio® administrator to do this; the user's enaio® client must also be restarted.

For enaio® webclient, depending on the changes, the 'dms' service and enaio® appconnector must be restarted.

Before you reload the engines or update the database tables, you will need to validate the object definition.