Catalogs and Add-Ons for enaio® webclient

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enaio® webclient does not support all catalogs and add-ons.

The following tables provide an overview of the catalogs and add-ons that are both currently supported and not supported in enaio® webclient.


Catalog Description Comment
List catalog Opens a list created by the administrator. supported
Tree catalog List catalog in which values are created in levels and sublevels. supported

Hierarchy catalog

Tree catalog in which the

level names can also be transferred.


Database catalog Opens a list created by a simultaneous DB search request.


Parameters not supported.

enaio® webclient does not support the 'Automatic suggestions list' function for text fields.

Structure tree catalog

The structure tree catalog corresponds to a hierarchy catalog. From the structure tree catalog, the values selected by the user are transferred to the index data form using the default abbreviations.

The values from the structure tree can be edited by the user in the query, for example, a placeholder '*' can be added. Users can enter values to the catalog field independent of the catalog. If the values are not contained in the list, the user receives an error message.

not supported


Add-on Description Comment

Address add-on

The address add-on runs a search on the data of another object type. The data can be formatted and transferred to the index data form by making a selection from design templates.

not supported

Filing plan add-on

The filing plan add-on enters a counter, a '/'-character and the last two digits of the current year to the index data of the linked field or to parts of the index data of a linked field.

not supported

Application add-on

The application add-on will start an application which has been configured by the administrator.

not supported

User add-on

The user add-on will list all users, user groups, and further configured entries.


Counter add-on

The counter add-on resembles the filing plan add-on, but offers a more flexible configuration to the administrator.

not supported

Database add-on

The database add-on queries a database table of an external database and transfers the data into the index data field and associated fields.

not supported

Date add-on

The Date add-on opens a dialog that can be used to enter a date or open a calendar.


Regardless of the configuration of the add-on, the calendar is always opened in enaio® webclient.

ID add-on

The ID add-on will enter a number into the linked field that is only assigned once per archive.

not supported

It is possible to set as a default using the Current object ID function; however, in enaio® webclient, in contrast to enaio® client, it is only executed after the index data has been saved.

Catalog add-on

The catalog add-on has additional functions, which is unlike list, tree, and hierarchy catalogs.

supported in part

The following options are supported:

  • Multiple selection possible
  • Return value only from the node
  • Remove selection for non-visible elements
  • Allow selection of recent values only
  • Sort values while generating list
  • Separator character for node path
  • Separator character for multiple selection

The following options are not supported:

  • SQL
  • The Catalog add-on is only available in German; German values are shown in other language versions

The enaio® appconnector must be restarted for enaio® webclient if the configuration of the add-on changes.

Treeview add-on Catalog functions, multi-selection is possible, the element path of the values can be returned, as well. not supported

Quickfinder add-on

The Quickfinder add-on starts a search on an object type and generates a list with data records. The data can then be transferred to one or more fields on the index data form. The search can be modified and repeated if needed.

supported in part

The following options are supported:

  • Data transfer to index data form
  • Transfer of the field configuration set for object types
  • Auto asterisk settings
  • Data transfer to fields deletes existing field content
  • Transfer of basic parameters to crosscheck fields
  • Quickfinder add-ons on workflow forms
  • Depending on the configuration, it is possible to edit/read index data

The following options are not supported:

  • Features for first-time creation
  • Verify

Research add-on

The query add-on enables you to execute an unlimited search that fills a hit list.

not supported

Rights group add-on

The rights group add-on generates a list of all users and user groups. It can be used to assign access rights.

supported on DMS forms

Conversion add-on

The conversion add-on will multiply an entered numeric value by a preset factor and will insert the value into an assigned field.

not supported

Workflow recipient add-on

You can use the workflow-recipient add-on to assign participants to an activity of a process.

supported on workflow forms

WWW add-on

The WWW add-on is linked with index data fields where URLs or e-mail addresses are entered. The add-on transfers the entry in these fields to a browser or an e-mail program.

not supported

Fieldmapping add-on The Fieldmapping add-on transfers index data of a queried object into index data fields which are linked to the add-on field via the Controlled by crosscheck property. not supported
SQL add-on The SQL add-on executes an SQL select statement. Values from the hit list cannot be transferred. not supported

Further Object Definition Elements

Container document types Any files can be compiled and checked out, edited, and checked in again together in a directory structure. The files are managed in a ZIP archive. not supported
Rights group control

A list of all users and user groups is displayed.

supported on DMS forms

Entries are not verified.

Multi-fields Multi-fields can be used to index the pages of a black-and-white, color, or grayscale document individually. not supported
Images Embed images into forms. not supported
Web control Embed URLs into areas of forms. not supported